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Irregular Hearbeats

I want the saints of the living God to pray for me. I have been sick for the past 6months with irregular heartbeat with numbness in my hands and legs. The Doctors have said my heart has been inflamed but God has not said so. I know and believe he is a prayer answering God […]

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The Bride Should Not Panic

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2022 Message From Pastor Samuel Asiedu

Dear Pastors and Saints,
Let me take this opportunity to extend my warmest greetings to you, your family and assembly, in the
name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to thank you for your great support, prayer, and
participation in the 8-day Global Convention in 2021. It was a blessed Feast, and the Lord truly opened
the windows of heaven and poured His anointing on the services.
Despite the challenging times the world is going through with the global pandemic, the faithful hand
of the Lord Jesus continues to protect His Bride across the world. Indeed, these are the most blessed
times of all the ages to be alive and to be numbered among the redeemed, and laboring for the
advancement of the eternal purpose of God on earth. As the End-time Prophet has declared – “It’s the
most glorious time of all the ages, because we are facing the great Millennium again; we’re facing the
Eden again.” – Paragraph 64: 65-0829 – Satan’s Eden. Undeniably, the Gentile time will soon be over,
and the Lord will return, and as the Prophet stated – “I do believe that we are living in the closing
scenes of the history of this world. I truly believe that the Coming of the Lord is closer, perhaps, than
we think” – Paragraph 14: 65-1204 – The Rapture.
I am happy to announce that the 2022

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Local Time

2nd Message Believers Global Revival Prayer Meeting- Local Time Pdf Version Click Here

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